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Workplace bullying takes its toll . . .

Bullying continues to place enormous pressure on businesses. In the public service the annual bill for bullying, harassment and "occupational violence" is approaching $80 million.

Comcare reports that since 2009 mental harm claims have soared by more than 88 per cent with trauma from workplace bullying or violence among pulbic servants the largest proportion of mental stress compensation claims.

Organisations need to ensure staff are provided with appropriate awareness training and procedures to deal with bullying when it is either observed or experienced.

Similarly Supervisors and Managers must ensure that bullying is dealt with swiftly, efficiently and fairly in the early stages.

Avoidance by Managers increases the problems.

It not only prelongs the inevitable which must be addressed but also increases the mental stress and trauma by those experiencing the bullying.

Being proactive will reduce staff stress and effects on their mental health, decrease trauma for those involved and reduce the costs to the organisation.



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