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We have a diverse range of clients in the public and private sector.


These include federal, state governments including The Audit Office, NSW Trains, LGNSW, Jenolan Caves, StateCover NSW, NSW Trustee and Guardian and NSW Health. Our private sector clients base is very diverse and covers large and small organisations assisting them with workplace investigations, coaching, consultative committee and leadership education.


We assist NSW Councils and have worked with over 130 NSW councils in areas such as :

  • learning and development for all staff - refer to our Services tab for a list of our programs

  • Coaching and mediation

  • leadership development for Councillors, Senior Executive, Managers and Supervisors

  • psychosocial risk surveys

  • change management

  • resilience and stress management in times of change

  • psychological wellbeing

  • management development, 

  • conflict resolution and mediation

  • managerial recruitment,

  • organisational reviews, 

  • cultural surveys

  • cultural change, 

  • psychometric testing for development or behavioural issues

  • workplace investigations including bullying and harassment

  • and supporting Councillors and Senior executives in their development and roles.


Click on the Services tab above to see how we can support you.

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