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We are Nationally Accredited Mediators and have extensive experience in mediations across organisations

both in the private and public sector.


We have assisted many NSW Councils in working through issues with Councillors, Mayors and Senior Executives.

These have included Model Code of Conduct breaches through to conflicts within the Councillor body.


Mediation encourages negotiation in a non-threatening environment.



Mediation in the Workplace:


Conflicts happen in the workplace. It is inevitable.


They can be costly both to the organisation and to those involved.


There is nothing more destructive than disputes that are left unresolved or just not effectively dealt with.


Left  unresolved, disputes can bring growing resentment, lead to potentially broken relationships; lower productivity; poor morale; factions forming; possible costs through appearance in workplace tribunals. All managers and employees want a harmonious, happy and productive workplace. This can be better achieved if workplace disputes are dealt with quickly and effectively.


All mediations are confidential.



Our approach:


We are Nationally Accredited Mediators and associated with Resolution Institute, the foremost Association for mediators' in Australia.


The model of mediation we follow is the most comprehensive approach of any and ensures that there will be a very high probability of success (it would be unwise to expect that all mediations are 100% successful).  


Mediations can be an ideal remedy for bullying and harasment but must only be used when all parties agree to attend.


All mediations will commence with a briefing from the key organisation representatives. Once briefed, the mediator will contact each party to introduce themselves and to outline the approach to mediation. A pre-mediation conference will be conducted either face to face or by phone so that the mediator can be assured the parties are in agreement to enter mediation. The mediation will follow shortly after and we usually allow between four to six hours for the mediation session. At the end of the session, an agreement is developed which will be the only document produced from the session. This document is given to each party and one to their manager.

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