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As psychologists we are ideally suited to deal with the emotional and psychological needs of all staff

including the Senior Executive and Management team. 


We approach all our interventions with a deep understanding of the many pressures facing management, 

specialists and general staff in today's workplace. 


We are able to offer necessary psyhological and emotional support for staff needing to deal with the many demands made of them. 


Our psychological services and interventions are always evidence based with the most recent research informing all our work.

We use a variety of instruments for various aspects of our work.



Hiring key executive and senior managers is costly for organisations and time consuming if the wrong person is hired. We have assisted numerous organisations in making more informed selection choices with world renowned psychometric and personality instruments. 


We use Hogan Assessments which is considered the world best in this area.



Organisational coaching plays a significant part in all organisation's development processes.

Key corporate executives and senior managers will complete an appropiate instrument, for example the Hogan Lead, and engage in multiple coaching sessions focused on their individual needs for development.


Using 360 feedback is now considered and necessary part of any managers annual review process. If you want to know if a manager is a good leader then you must ask the followers. There are several 360 instruments which we can offer for your needs.




Team development is a major issue for all organisations as recent research concludes that over 85% of all staff are organised in workplace teams. 


The functioning and success of teams should not be left to chance.


It should be remembered that "high performing teams do not happen by accident". 


We use Team Management Systems materials for our team interventions along with our High Performing Teams Survey. This survey gives simple yet very effective feedback to teams on areas in which they report are of significant issues within their team.




Organisation culture is an ever-present driving force either supporting the organisation's aspirations or holding it back. 


Several approaches to cultural development are available.


We work with the organisational representatives to develop the most appropriate intervention from Human Synergistics or Peter Berry Consulting instruments.

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