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Norm has always had a passion and interest in supporting people. 


Earlier in his working life Norm pursued a career in teaching and education in the workplace. He progressed through from being a Senior Trainer and Educator of Lifeline Counsellors, a Senior Manager in the Private Sector, a Senior Educator and Manager of a residential staff  colleague and training group within a top ASX100 company.  He consolidated his interest in psychology by completing his Masters Degree , and as a Psychologist continues to educate and assist all staff in the workplace. He also pursues his passion through coaching and mentoring CEOs, Executive Staff and Managers, writing and developing education programs in leadership and personal development including Dignity and Respect at Work, and conducting workplace investigations. As a nationally registered mediator he is also able to support organisations deal with disruptive conflicts which can drain productivity from a team.

Norm is has a strong interest in understanding how "human beings work". He is an avid reader keeping abreast with all the latest research that effect us both as individuals and the workplace.


Norms specialised and unique approach has been gathered from over 35 years experience along with his compelling and engaging facilitation of Leadership programs for numerous organisations. 

He has presented leadership programs ranging from one day to 14 day full residential college programs.


As a Psychologist he uses a range of tools to suit the needs of the situation and he has a passion for seeing individuals reach their full potential while ensuring linkage between the employer's and employee's needs. 


He works at all levels within organisations supporting and assisting General Managers and Executives through to front-line Supervisors and Team Leaders develop their potential and their staff. His ability to connect with all levels of management is compelling and allows people at all levels to engage with the processes and learning with him.


He presented his findings in a 'Manager as Coach' program at the National Local Government Human Resource Conference and at other conferences on Building High Performing Team, Dealing with Bullying in the Workplace. His skills and background provides simple and effective guidelines for organisations and individuals in dealing with all Workplace Behaviour issues. He was a speaker on and consultant psychologist for the Workcover NSW and LGNSW "Matter of Respect - Bullying and Harassment" training DVD which received National recognition.


Norm  has a passion for seeing individuals reach their full potential while ensuring linkage between the employer's and employee's needs. His approach is evidenced based and he works at the cutting edge of coaching research.


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