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Do you have a Mentally Healthy workplace?


71% of employees surveyed said that a mentally healthy workplace would be an important consideration when looking for a job. 

More staff considered Mental Health (92%) more important than Physical Safety (89%).


Staff want a mentally healthy place to work.

Recent research concluded that 1 million Australians live with depression and 2 million Australians live with anxiety.  It is likely that will either be you or someone that you know.  These mental health issues do not stop us from working, raising our families or engaging with our communities. The workplace and work is considered one of the essential elements in people’s lives to ensure their mental health is maintained and flourishes.  Business now accepts that maintaining and promoting a Mentally Healthy Workplace is good for business on many levels.  Greater productivity and loyalty to name two.  Return on investment is anywhere between $2.50 per dollar spent on developing a mentally health workplace to over $5.00 for every dollar spent (PWC Report).


The recent research review published by UNSW, The Australian Business Council and the Blackdog Institute identified the elements of a mentally healthy workplace supported by the research.  The six elements are a road map for organisations to follow and against which to check their progress.



We have a  Mental Health Matters package for all of organisation education or programs can be used a standalone programs:

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