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How to improve your Middle Managers?

Middle Managers are an important part of a corporate strategy. Their knowledge of processes and networking make them powerful leaders. They connect with the vast majority of staff in an organisation.

Choosing the right applicant for any managerial position will have a positive and significant influence on your organisation. Make an incorrect match with the role and the individual and the negative impacts will effect staff, team morale and productivity and can result in poor mental health outcomes for the organisation.

In the article "4 Ways Companies are failing their middle Managers and why its killing innovation" Hogan summaries 4 ways:

  • Promoting the Wrong People

  • Not training them ( at least not effectively)

  • Stressing them out

  • Letting them disengage

Middle managers are powerful agents of change and innovation. So what can an organisation do to improve Middle Managers?

Start by promoting the right people.

Read the article below. And call us to see how we can assist you.



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