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Are you a change agent or a change enabler?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Change is always around us.

But for NSW Councils the Fit for the Future provided significant change for local government councils, their staff.

Whether Councils are supporting or seeking amalgamations or not, significant change will occur and impact on the workforce.   Senior Executives will oversee significant change across the organisation. 

Change agent   or   Change enabler?

The challenge will be for the leadership team to devote attention to create an environment where deep, proactive change can happen. To inspire the organisation to embrace the most pressing issues, empower the staff to seek solutions and pave the way for a new and exciting future.

Council's senior executives will need to take the role of   Change enabler.

We believe in three approaches that are necessary to support change:

  • To make deep change proactive and pervasive, the responsibility for initiating change needs to be syndicated across the organisation. Enable all employees to be a change leader.

  • Transformational change cannot be sustained without geniune committment on the part of those who will be affected. Seek and encourage ideas and support from all across the organisation

  • Change comes naturally when individuals have a platform that allows them to identify shared interests and to brainstorm solutions. Use the expertise and resources of those who know their jobs the most

Effective change platforms can utilize social technologies to:

  • encourage individuals to tackle significant organisational challenges even those above their "pay grade"

  • foster honest and robust discussion of barriers and causes for problems

  • seek potential solutions from all

  • encourage individuals to take personal responsiblity for initiating the change they want to see



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