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3 Things Managers Should Do Every Day

In Leading Teams, Hill, L.A and LineBack, K reminded us that every day Managers struggle with being a Manager and getting done what they plan to do.

Having spent most of their day solving unexpected problems and ensuring their teams work is completed to the necessary standard and on time.

Hill and Lineback believe that to function effectively as a leader, there are

Three imperatives of Leading and Managing.

Building Trust

Successful leadership is, at root, about influencing others and trust is the foundation of all ability to influence others. You cannot influence anyone who does not trust you. Thus the manager must work to cultivate the trust of everyone they work with by demonstrating two components - competence and character.

Building a real team and managing through it

Effective teams are bound together by a common, compelling purpose based on shared values. Strong teams also have rules of engagement, explicit and implicit understandings of how members work together. Leaders need to ensure that all the elements are in place - purpose, values, rules and then manage through the team and shape behaviour.

Building a network

Every team depends on support and collaboration of outside people and groups. Building the network for todays and future goals with the intent of creating relationships that benefit both sides.

These three elements are not in addition to the Managers workload, they are instead the way strong, effective leaders manage and lead through the daily work.

Effective Manager's daily work isn't an impediment to doing what good leaders do.

Instead, it's the way,the vehicle, to do most of what good managers to.

Look at every new task, for every unexpected problem and


How can I use this to foster trust?

How can I build and strengthen us as a team?

To expand our network and make itstrong?



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