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Bullying occurs in all workplaces in every society. 


If allowed to continue it is potentially life threatening.  All staff need to be aware of the impacts of inappropriate behaviour on one another and how to better deal with bullying behaviour. 


All staff look to their managers to ensure that they are working in a safe workplace. 

Some recent surveys found:


 * 87% of staff agreed that the unwanted bullying behaviour experienced at work had detrimental impacts on their personal relationships       (Bully Free at Work, Valerie Cade)

 * 93% of managers said ‘NO’ when ask if they had the skills to effectively deal with bullying behaviour.

Policies may be in place but if there is no effective manager intervention the policy is an empty document.  


We facilitate programs for Managers and staff that will identify those behaviours and possible strategies to deal with them.


We also conduct workplace investigations into bullying and harassment.

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